Skin Care Routine & Tips for Men

Skin Care Routine & Tips for Men

Steps To Healthy Looking Skin


Identify Your Skin Type

Dry Skin – can’t get enough cream? Flaky or rough skin? If you’re not sure, wash and dry your face and wait a few minutes. Does your skin feel tight? If so, you likely have dry skin. Dry skin can handle heavier creams, and you may want to consider balms for added moisturize.

Oily Skin – if your skin is often greasy-feeling or extra shiny, you likely have oily skin. Oily skin will prefer lighter creams, perhaps sticking with lotions on the face or using gels as a moisturizer.

Combination Skin – a mix of areas that are dry and oily.

Normal Skin – no notable problems, and not sensitive to common products. Normal skin should be able to handle most options, and it will come down to your preference. Here are some moisturizers suitable for the middle ground.

Sensitive Skin – likely reacts to common products, stinging or burning after use. Sensitive skin should avoid many ‘active’ ingredients and strong fragrances. Products with chemical exfoliants (think alpha hydroxy acids) should be avoided or used in small or diluted quantities.


Wash Your Face

We recommend washing your face daily with a gentle facial cleanser. Bar soap is often stronger and strips away the healthy oils, leading even oily skin feeling tight and thus under-moisturized.

Tone and Moisturize Regularly

Use a toner then a moisturizer after a shower or facial cleansing

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the easiest ways you can look after your skin and preserve your natural youthful glow. Even on cloudy days UV rays penetrate the cloud layer, so choose an SPF and don’t forget to apply it to every area that the sun may hit—scalp, eyelids, ears, face, neck, etc.

Be Careful Shaving or Lining Up Your Beard

If your skin is often unhappy or bumpy after shaving, you may be getting too close of a shave. Try using a razor with fewer blades and avoid stretching skin while shaving. As always, it’s best to soften hair with warm water and a good shaving gel or cream and change blades regularly.


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