Do Vegan Beard Oils Actually Work

Do Vegan beard oil actually grow your beard? The short answer is yes, and we have the answer why.

What Stimulates Beard Growth?

When you think of a beard, you either think of a well-groomed man that commits to his appearance from head to toe or a rugged guy that likes to use his hands and enjoys the outdoors. So when a man decides he wants to grow a beard, he usually considers how he will maintain his beard and what will help it grow. Part of maintenance is using products to cleanse, moisturize and promote healthy growth and the other is a healthy diet. A common misconception is that beard oil is some sort of magic growth formula that could take a man from having very little beard potential, to a full beard in 30 days. For many men, growing a full beard in 30-60 days is an easy task, but for many they need a little assistance.

How Can I Grow Facial Hair Faster?

The step to growing a healthy beard:

1. Commitment - Growth is a process and can take months to achieve a healthy beard

2. Products - Vegan beard care is alway the best option because the oils can increase blood circulation, stimulate and strengthen follicles and provide a healthy shine to your beard

3. Grooming - You must continue cleansing, brushing, combing, moisturizing, massaging and trimming your beard

Will Vegan Beard Oil Make It Grow Faster?

The most common reason for giving up on growing a beard is beard itch. It's that feeling that makes you feel like you have an itchy rash on your face. Usually this occurs when you first start growing a beard or if you have really dry skin. The number one way to solve this dreaded beard itch is to use a vegan beard wash that is gentle and won't dry out your skin and a vegan beard oil that has all the necessary oils that can help that beard itch go away. Beard oil actually conditions the hair, making it softer and more gentle to the skin. It also moisturizes the skin beneath your beard, soothing it and protecting it. Some essential oils even contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the irritation.

We can not talk about beard growth without talking about sebum. That is the oily substance secreted by the aptly named sebaceous glands that seals in moisture and prevents skin from becoming over dry. As the length of your beard increases, the amount of sebum that your skin produces stays the same. This causes a lack of hydration for the skin and the hair, creating dry, itchy flaky skin and brittle beard hair. Vegan beard oil brings the moisture and nutrients back into the hair and skin underneath. Your skin will look and more importantly, feel healthy and revitalized.

The goal is to have a healthy beard and deciding to use products with synthetic ingredients can actually deny your skin and facial hair all the nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy. So beware of those beard oils that promise growth overnight, their ingredients are not healthy and could cause more harm than good like clogged pores or skin irritation.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Your Beard?

Vegan beard oils are enriched with Essential Oils that may help reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs, inflammation, and acne. Beard oils help to hydrate, condition, nourish, soften, and gently cleanse the skin and hair without stripping the skin’s natural balance of oils, thereby leaving the skin and hair feeling invigorated, fresh, soothed, and supple. Vegan beard oils can help to impart thickness and fullness and to ultimately encourage healthier growth that is free of dryness, irritation, and knots. Examples of essential oils that are good for your beard; coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, hemp seed, rosemary and castor oil

  • Hydrate both the facial hair and the skin beneath it

  • Prevent dryness, itching, dandruff, coarseness, and breakage

  • Retain beard hair volume, shape, and texture

  • Promote healthy beard growth

  • Provide a light and pleasant aroma

  • Reduce breakage and split ends

Do Vegan Beard Oils Actually Work?

Vegan beard oil works to promote beard growth but they can not guarantee that everyone will grow a thick full beard. So when you ask do Vegan beard oils work, we suggest that you follow the 3 steps to growing facial hair, (Commitment, Products and Grooming) and you use our Vegan beard oils because they are loaded with organic essential oils that hold those desired nutrients to promote a well-groomed beard.

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